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1. What is the Advising center and what are the benefits of using such a center?

The Advising center provides a source of information about a range of accredited USA higher educational institutions. It offers free access to introductory information about studying in the USA. The center applies ethical standards established by the Principles of ethical practice in educational advice outside USA and by NAFSA ethical code. The advising centers help students to choose an educational institution while also being assured that the program of the chosen institution is the accredited one. The centers also put in their best effort to help students in securing partial or full funding of studies. Statistics show that students who cooperate with local advisory centers choose better programs for themselves, secure more funding sources, complete studies on time and return to their home country to get a worthwhile job.

2. What is the score I need to get on the exams (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT) to be admitted to a USA university?

Since there is no Ministry of Education in the USA, every single university has its own requirements. It is of high importance that the students check the prerequisites for each university they are interested in enrolling. Although most universities require TOEFL as a proof that lectures can be followed in English, there are some institutions that do not require such or other exams. Your academic center can help in advising of testing requirements you need to take for university admittance and other matters you are interested in.

3. When should I start looking for an appropriate academic institution?

Applications for most universities need to be submitted well in advance. A student wishing to enroll the chosen university is supposed to start seeking it at least 12-18 months before applying. Most universities request applications to be submitted by November of the current year in order to start studying in August the following year. One can check the calendar and information about studying in the USA.

4. This is all new to me... Where should I start the procedure?

The first step is to come to the Centre to attend the seminars for undergraduate and graduate studies in the USA. You can phone us or fill in the form on our website to register for the next session. During this event you will be introduced to the basis of the educational system in the USA. You'll be advised of what to do in order to successfully choose the suitable program. You will also be advised about the methods of seeking and choosing the academic institution as well as the way of funding of the studies.

5. What are the requirements for undergraduate studies in the USA regarding admittance tests?

Most applicants for undergraduate studies in the USA have to take one of the standardized admittance exams. These standardized exams are one of the ways by which USA universities evaluate your academic potential i.e. the key criterion to be admitted to study. Universities use these exams to compare USA universities with foreign students from different educational systems. Admittance tests’ results are taken into consideration when applying and also when granting scholarships based on merit.

6. What admittance tests are required for the undergraduate studies?

Most of four-year colleges and universities in the USA require applicants to take ACT or SAT test, but not both. Students are free to choose which of these two tests they will take. But it is important that the applicant estimates and takes the test that will bring them a better result. Some of the competitive universities will ask the applicants to provide the results of two or three SAT Subject tests, but most of them will partially or fully neglect this if the applicant provides ACT results with an essay section. Besides these exams those candidates whose native language is not English will have to take TOEFL or IELTS.

7. What admittance tests are needed to enroll into the graduate study programs in the United States? 

Departments of universities seeking candidates for master or PhD study programs will require proof of English language knowledge at the academic level. Scores of TOEFL or IELTS in many cases will be needed. Depending on the chosen department or its policy, candidates may have to take GRE or GMAT, and in some cases GRE Subject tests. GMAT is mostly reserved for candidates who are lined up to take their MBA degree, but other departments may require it. When researching future schools, please note their requirements of testing scores. 

8. Which one is better for me: ACT or SAT?

Since almost all four-year colleges and universities in the USA accept both ACT and SAT results, it is up to the applicant to decide which one to take. It is suggested that students take a practice test to get to know which format is more appropriate for them.

9. When am I supposed to take admittance tests for undergraduate study?

The future undergraduate students are advised to take the tests in spring while in their third year of high school. In such a way, they have the possibility to take the tests again in autumn in case their test results in spring aren’t satisfactory enough.

10. When am I supposed to take tests to apply to graduate study? 

Application process for chosen departments usually ends at the calendar end of the year, so it is suggested to take exams in the spring or summer that year, to make autumn period as easy to apply as possible. GRE and GMAT both are valid for 5 years, while TOEFL is valid only 2 years.