Official place
for information
about studying
in the USA

Applications for all standardized tests necessary for further education in USA are submitted online at official sites of the institutions in charge of exams. For more information please visit (TOEFL iBT), (GRE), (GMAT), (SAT), (ACT).

In most cases you'll need to create an online account, fill out the forms before being registered and pay by credit or debit card. In some cases (SAT) you will need to upload the photo before you can register for the test. 

Number of places and locations for all tests is limited. Official websites contain all necessary information about procedures related to changing dates or test locations. Some test organizers will refund the money in case of cancellation, while others will refund only a part of it. In some cases refunds are not available.

The center can help you with the registration procedure, but the payment has to be made by your bankcard. Besides bankcard or PayPal, no other way of payment for registration is possible in Serbia.

If you need assistance with the registration process, call us by phone during working hours or send an e-mail to