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Five Serbian journalists visited Johnston Hall Wednesday Nov. 9, to discuss their experiences in America covering the U.S. election. The journalists were visiting under the U.S. Library of Congress Open World Program.

The discussion was based upon the results of Tuesday’s election, the consequential rise of Donald Trump and the media’s coverage of the election.

“It feels like a professional failure because no one of the media and the agencies did not predict this,” said Jovana Gligorijevic, a board member in the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia. “It feels like a failure on all sides and it just does not make sense how they got this wrong. Our job in the media is to be a mediator between the elites and the general public, and in this case, it did not work.”

When asked about covering the ‘madness’ behind this election cycle, the Serbian journalists agreed it was important to cover.

“This is history,” said Ana Kristic, an investigative journalist. “At some point, you stop being a human being and start becoming a journalist. Covering last night was a big moment around the world and we got to witness it.”

Filip Jovanovic, editor of a student newspaper, said he still enjoys covering politics in spite of this election.

“It is hard to explain,” Jovanovic said. “This is groundbreaking news. After all of this, I still love covering politics, and the fact that we get to be here and bring this news back to Serbia is very special.”

Photo and story by Brendan Ploen. Read the rest of the article here - https://marquettewire.org/3960037/news/serbian-journalists-visit-marquette/