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Serbian tennis player Tamara Klimek had what she felt was a “solid” effort Sunday morning in winning the women’s singles championship of the Edwardsville Open tennis tournament at the Edwardsville High School tennis complex, defeating Edwardsville’s Chloe Trimpe 6-0, 6-0 to win the title.
“It was good, I played really well,” Klimek, who hails from Novi Sad, Serbia, and currently plays as a graduate student at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis County, said. “I think I was solid, but it was a good match; (Trimpe) was good as well.”

Klimek just finished her first year of post-graduate studies at Missouri Baptist in counseling; she graduated from Caldwell University in Caldwell, N.J., near New York City. It was her first time playing at the EHS center. “It’s really nice here,” Klimek said of the facility, “better than some colleges.

“I saw this tournament and I wanted to play a little bit; I liked it, it was fun.”

Klimek plans playing next year as a graduate student at Missouri Baptist; after winning the tournament, she was going to head home to visit with family in Novi Sad. “I’m going home next week for a little break, then come back in August,” Klimek said.

by Brent Feeney